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ETYMOLOGY   OF  LCCAL  KXS.                                          325

or one who can be proTed in some other way to kiYe lived only a few genera-
tions ago, and with scarcely a slcgle finance of a name that can with any pro-
bability fee referred to a really ancient date. As tl:s fact is one of considerable
importance 10 my argument, 1 must proceed to establish It beyond all possibility
of cavil by yassing In review the entire series of names la which the ending
occurs In each of the six parganas of tiie district.
The Kosi pargana comprises 61 villages, of which 9 end la pur; rtr.,
4 Aziz-par. Hasan-par. Ja&I-pur, Lai-pur, Nabl-psr, Pakhar-pur, Ram-par,
Snan-pur. and Shahzad-pur. Six of these are unmistakably postOiuhainmadan,
one Is apparently so, and two are of quite uncertain date.
In the Chhata pargana there are 111 villages, and 16 of them have the pnr
ending ; riz.t Adam-pur. Akhar-pur, Bazid*par. Deva-pnra  so called from a
1 temple" of Gropal, built By MuLkam Slab, the ancestor of the present proprie-
tors, whose Arabic name proves that he lived not many generations ago Ghazi-
pnr, Guiiii-pur. Jait-pur, Jama^-par, Khan-pur, Lar-pur, M&npur, on the Barsana
range  so called from the Man Mandir, the first erection of which cannot date
from further back than the transfer of BMha's chief shrine from RAval to
Barsana, which took place in the 15th or 16th centtuy A.D.  Plr-pur., Saiyid-pnTs
Tatar-pur, Hajl-pnr and Kainal-par. Of these 16 names. 12 are unquestionably
modern, and of the remaining 4, nothing can fee said with certainty either on
way or the other.
Of the 163 villages in the Maihni& pargana, as many as 32 haye the pmr
ending ; nz.j Alha-pnr, said fcy local tradition to have been founded and so
named only 200 years ago (the founder's                    are stil! on the spot and
most unlikely w detract from the antiquity of their family) ; A'zam-par and
Bakir-pur, both founded by A'zain Ktian Mir Mohammad BiMrs who iras
Governor of Mathurafrom 1642 to 1S45 ; Bhavon-pur ; Blja-pnr^ founded 21X1
years ago by Bijay Sink Thikiir, on land taken from the adjoining village of
Nahmtdi ; Daulat-pur ; Dai3m-pera? one of 11 Tillages founded by the sons
of a Jat named Nalnn at no very remote period^ since the share which fell to
the eldest of the sons Is distiegiiislied by the Persian epithet izaMn ; Girldhar-
pur, probably the most ancient of the series, bat stIE dating from times of
modem history, having been founded by Gltldhar; a Kaehliwalba TMkar of
Satoha, -whose ancestors had migrated there from Amber ; Gobind-par ; Hakiin-
pur ; Jamal-pur ; Jati-pura, founded by Gosain Bitttai-n^hj the SOB of Val-
labhacharya of Gokul, commonly called JatI Ji, about iJie year 1550 A.D. ;
Jay Sinh-pnraf founded by Sawae Jay Sieh of Amver about ihe year 1720 A.D. ;